“Begin at once to live, and count each separate day as a separate life.” Seneca

I like to listen to what moments of doubt, questioning, crisis, tell us. It is these moments who, perhaps better than any other, teach how to be loyal to oneself.


Anne-Laure Losseau


I am a professional coach trained at the Catholic University of Louvain (Executive Master in Business Coaching). I continuously enhance my training through various tools that I use in my coaching practice.

Having studied law, I practiced law at the Brussels Bar for eight years within two law firms before I became a coach.

How did it happen?

I have known the law environment almost forever. When I was a child my father’s office as a lawyer was my playground. I studied law myself, with the intention to become a family mediator.

I eventually chose for the bar, business law firms and tax law. I guess I was longing for the law firm way of life as in American series – it sometimes came close to it! – and at the same time a certain “comfort” of practicing very technical subject matters, with little emotion involved.

I loved addressing the clients’ problems and solving intellectual challenges that arose. But I within myself knew one day I would return to the human side, to the accompaniment. I often say while laughing that I prefer to care for the people themselves rather than for their money!

When I was thirty I changed course to become a coach.

As a coach I help my clients develop their full potential and realise their ambitions.

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